Light Probe – Adding a CLI

So I took some time this weekend to add a CLI to the Arduino.  It follows the verb-noun syntax familiar to Powershell users (because I am one, and I love that syntax…)  It still interfaces with the C# GUI of course, but now I can interact with it from the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor as well. Ultimately I will enable Putty interaction with it.  I also did some refactoring to streamline the code a bit as I’m now up to over 70% of the Arduino’s available memory… May need to upgrade the Uno to a Mega. Fortunately I’ll be near a Micro Center in the near future. (W00t!)

Also got the servo’s governed down to between -45° and 45°. This was simple enough, but  I did get hung up on an idiot loop because the damn values kept going out of the range and getting hung. Took some thinking to get that to stop. Derp.

As always, the code has been updated on the Github Page.

I also have the Latest Build available for download as well, though not much has changed.


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