Light Probe – Calibration, and UI tweaks

I’m travelling today so this will be a shorter update.

Finally got the calibration working so I can manually offset the photoresistor readings and servo positions. This was necessary because the components naturally have slight variations in their readings, etc. I will be creating semi-automated calibration sequence, but that will need the LCD screen up and running first.  I also tweaked the CLI functionality a bit to more easily integrate with the C# app.  Still outstanding is polishing it up so it can be used the a terminal emulator like Putty.

Next items on the agenda include:

  • Getting rid of the semi-colons from commands
  • Re-aligning the sensors from corners to sides (i.e. left and right instead of upper-left, upper right, etc.
  • enabling manual override of the automatic controls
    • Tying that to a Wii-Chuck (down the line a bit…)
  • LCD Status Screen
  • Bluetooth control module, to allow operation remotely, and without a PC/phone.

Having a blast building this thing, even if there is some serious scope creep happening. 😉

Latest build here.
Latest source code is on GitHub.
I’m on Twitter. 

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