Light Probe – No Shortcuts

I’ve been too busy lately to really commit the time to go build out a proper frame for the light probe. Instead I’ve build a bunch of half-assed mock ups which all generally suck and failed to work.  I guess the moral of the story is that there is no shortcut here and I need to just go build the thing.

That said, I’ve decided to add a dedicated CLI tab to the application so I

The CLI Tab

don’t have to keep switching back to the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor. The next step is getting it wired up. This will require me to learn some new techniques as I don’t really know how to write a buffer type variable, or even if one exists that I could just make use of. While contemplating this I again found myself looking for a quicker easier way to do it, and again half-assed some things that didn’t work and were rolled back.  Again proving to me that there are no shortcuts. I think I might include that on the site motto going forward…

Latest build here.
Latest source code is on GitHub.
I’m on Twitter. 

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