Light Probe – Base Unit Complete

The Light Probe Base

Finally got to the workshop! Built the base unit for the probe.  Nothing sexy, but very much functional. It’s a 10 cm round piece of 3/4″ birch furniture grade plywood. (Scraps from a past project). Below it are two strips of 1/2″ basswood cut to 8 cm and screwed on with countersunk 1″ wood screws.  Only took about 20 minutes start to finish.

The build went like this:

  1. Measured the servo, and plotted out where it needed to go on the board.
  2. Cut a circle using my table saw and a guide my circle jig.
  3. Routed out the hole for the servo with a Dremel.
  4. Cleaned up the hole with a tiny file.
  5. Carved out a groove for the cables with a round chisel and hammer
  6. Cut the two 8 cm basswood pieces
  7. Pre-drilled two 1/16″ holes for the wood screws.
  8. Counter sunk the holes deep enough so the screw heads are recessed.
  9. Placed in the servo.
  10. It’s snug enough that I don’t really need to use the screw mounts for what I’m doing.

Like I said, not sexy. But it’s very stable, does the job, and cost me nothing but time.  All said and done. I like it.

Version 2 might have the base plate carved into the Pyrrh1c logo…

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