CCSP: Here We Go

So, given that I won’t be doing any travelling, conferences, or really anything for a while I’ve decided to pursue CCSP certification as a compliment to my existing CISSP. Today is day one down that path. I recently bought both the official study guide and the exam  questions from (ISC)².


It’s been a few years since I did my last certification exam. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.  Learning new things has always thrilled me. A large portion of the material in the books is review, but there is definitely some new stuff.

HackTheBox and red teaming practice is great for learning about things like breaking and entering, but regulatory framework? Not so much. Even though I have experience with HIPAA/PCI/CALEA yada yada, it’s mostly been OJT.  It’s good to dig in and do some more formalized study. Given that my new position at work is very much blue team, some supplemental research  is necessary anyway, so why not get certified for all that reading, right?

I think I’m going to spin up a home lab to complement the book materials as well. I’m thinking a hybrid on-prem/Azure  environment. The goal there will be to build a best practices to the max fortress. Play with all the bells and whistles. OMS, ATP, etc. That should be fun. I already have a vSphere 6.5 environment with shared storage, layer 3 switching, and all the trimmings in my basement. (Even a 24u rack! The electricity company loves me…) So most of the pre-work for that is done.

As my studies progress toward getting that CCSP certification I’m going to keep a running log on this page mostly for my own benefit. I’ve also created a new category called Professional Development to keep things organized. So if this interests you, stay tuned. Feel free to reach out if this interests you as well. Email is my title of this site @ Proton Mail.