Getting CCSP Certified: Progress Update

So, following up to my last post, I’m making progress on getting CCSP certified. 120 pages into The Official (ISC)² Guide to the CCSP CBK and it’s basically what I expected. Dry as a desert, but good knowledge regardless. It’s been good really digging into the technical and policy differences surrounding IaaS, PaaS, and Saas. These are one of the topics I’ve always worked with, but never really studied in any serious depth.


One new technology I’ve read about is “bit splitting” which is just a cloud version of cryptographic splitting. Conceptually, I like the idea of splitting up data into multiple locations. There are some obvious challenges, especially the increased chance for availability issues, but assuming those can be effectively managed what a great idea.

I’m also growing more interested in a true DRM system. Looking into Azure Rights Management. The idea of basically encrypting damn near everything kind of has me uneasy, but the benefits that come with it are very tempting indeed.

Learned about homomorphic encryption which was  totally new to me. So that’s neat.

Another thing I’ve since learned about is Azure Stack. From the sound of it, this is basically what openstack wants to be, but much more heavily integrated into Azure. (for obvious reasons)  I will absolutely be setting up a test/dev of this going forward. The ability to spin up a hybrid cloud using the same toolset for on-prem and public cloud sounds AMAZING. But, that said, this is Microsoft. My experience with them has always involved some bizarre gotcha somewhere. So I’m sure that when I do go to build it out, I’ll find something somewhere that blows the idea all to hell.

I took a couple of practice tests as well. 83% on the first and 30% on the second one. CLEARLY some more reading to do… so much for passing this exam cold.

That’s it for today, stay tuned if this is of any interest and I’ll add about working towards getting CCSP certified as things progress.